Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/6/11- i don't do resolutions

happy new year and all that jazz! it's jan still sticking to your new years resolutions? i stopped making resolutions about 5 years ago. turned out i was all talk and no action. i know there is something symbolic about a new year....fresh start, clean slate, starting over. don't get me wrong, i appreciate that i'm still here to see another year begin, it's a blessing. but why do we have to wait until january before we get ourselves together? why not start in august or october? i know why? we want to eat like pigs all year long and then think when the clock strikes midnight, we magically turn into a health conscious being., that's not not how it works. we all know that the most popular resolution is losing weight. if you want to lose weight, you need more than wishful thinking, you must have a plan. set a goal and make a plan of how to reach it. don't try to do it alone. find a buddy or join an online community for support. make 2011 the year that you make a resolution and stick it out!

all of me,