Friday, July 1, 2011

7/1/11- party of one

today is july 1st...WOW! thought i would post a little something since i was a total slacker and didn't post anything in june.

the journey from fat to 40 is a trip. the past month has been nothing short of interesting. i took a pit stop and had a MAJOR pity party. y'all, i typically don't throw or attend pity parties, but this time i was the host AND only attendee! i whined and moaned...moaned and whined for bout 2 weeks. wasn't eating right and surely wasn't going to the gym. i was in funk and it was stinky! i'm coming out of it now, realizing that i am so much better than that. sometimes you have to encourage yourself! i am MORE than a conqueror cause God says that i am! quitting is not an option. i'm a slacker some of the time, and a quitter none of the time! i gained a few pounds, which makes me mad, BUT not gonna dwell on it. whats my motto, folks? MOVING FORWARD!!!!!!! you cant move forward if you are standing still. besides, i am training for the c'ville women's 4 miler and i have set a goal that i WILL reach!! more about the 4 miler in my next post.

all of me,