Thursday, February 10, 2011

happy anniversary!!!!

this month marks the one year anniversary of starting my blog. wow, cant believe its been a year already?!! when i started this blog, i was looking for an accountability tool; little did i know that i would inspire others...that was not the goal. i am glad that others have joined me in the journey. its not about weight loss for everyone. i talked to a friend recently who said this blog has inspired her to quit smoking, another to be more active. i wish i could throw a party and invite all of you, so let's have a virtual celebration instead!!! let's celebrate the accomplishments we have made...steps to being better. like i always say, this journey is about moving forward. you gotta keep moving forward, even when it feels like you are walking in place. i will turn 39 this year and 40 will be here before you know it. my dad reminded me that I was getting older,and he was getting better. well, dad, i am getting older AND better! does the journey end at 40? not at all!!!! 40 will begin the next leg of this journey and i am looking forward to it.

in the words of my facebook buddy, tionna, lets keep it moving, ladies (and gents)!

all of me,


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