Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5/11/11- never compare your beginning to someone else's middle

what a powerful title, huh? I read a blog today and it talked about comparing yourself (your journey) to someone else's. you NEVER know where a person is in their journey and to compare is unfair to YOU! i often compare my weight loss to others without knowing the story behind their success. you can apply this to, family, ministry, etc. ALSO, you dont know the sacrifice of the person you are comparing yourself too! you may want the glory, but are you willing to carry the cross? as i heard joyce meyer say "we want all the perks, for none of the works."

let's be realisitic when reaching our goals. remember, that everyone travels a different road, and my road may look different from yours. enjoy the journey :)

all of me,

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  1. and I have to remember that it is a lifelong journey and we will have our ups and downs. The ultimate goal is happiness....proud of you char xoxo