Monday, March 15, 2010

3/15/10 a little houskeeping

its been an interesting time for me lately, not in a great way, but not in a bad way either. this whole journey to 40 is about more than losing weight. its about moving forward, finding strength i never had before and saying good bye to bad habits.

i have re-kindled relationships from high school with people i have truly missed having in my life... thanks facebook. i have also said NO to people i would typically ALWAYS say yes to....feels sooooo good! there are places that i no longer go; physically or emotionally because whenever i go there, i do, say or eat something that i regret later. i'm cleaning house...its difficult, but needful.

for the first time, in a long time, my emotions are balanced and i am not eating everything in sight! somedays, i just want to forget about the hard work i've put in, visit the nearest buffet and throw down! its in those moments, one of the kids is asking "what time are you going to the gym, mom?" its those gentle reminders that keep me accountable; reminding me that its not just about me...even though i thought it was.

all of me,

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  1. mental housekeeping is a must. As we grow older the only people who are important for our well-being is ourselves. We love our kids and our husbands, parents and siblings, but without loving oneself we have nothing. congratulations on your recent accounting of Char. xoxoxo T