Friday, April 20, 2012

backing it up!

its been a minute....what's up?? well, as some of you may know, i injured my back in february.  a wrong move during zumba class and OUCH!!!! xrays revealed that the lower region or the L5 was jacked up! yes, that's a medical term. LOL. the xrays also revealed that i have degenerative disc disease which scared me at first, but after some reading and talking to my chiro, i learned that it's pretty common. even a few of my fb friends have it. anyway, i've had a few untreated back injuries over the years and that can be one of the causes. i can remember being a kid and having problems with back (car accident) and later in my teens and especially after the birth of my children. so, what has this meant as far as my workouts? it has meant that i have been very limited. after 8 chiro adjustments, i was feeling pretty good and decided i could go back to praise dance at church. the chiro reminded me that just because i was feeling better didn't mean i was done healing.....recovery NOT recovered. i wasn't trying to be disobedient, but i just missed moving and dancing and spinning so much. well, guess who wont be moving and dancing and spinning for a while? i feel like i am starting over as far as working out. i am limited to walking and stretching. and though both are great, i had gotten use to doing more. but if i don't wanna jack my back up even more (yep, still a medical term) then i have to chill. for real, for real, i'm little depressed about it and its showing up in my eating. this from a girl who loathed exercise cause it made you breath too hard. now i miss dancing and weight lifting and even pretending to be a runner. LOL. i'm kinda of an all or nothing kinda person and if i can't do it full force, then i don't wanna do it. so to me, if i can't lift weights like i use to, then i'm not gonna do it at all! or if i can't walk as fast as i use get what i'm saying.  my husband reminded me that i need to listen to my body (and him) and do what i can for now. i gotta keep it moving forward! how he gonna use MY motto against me? LOL

this week i have done little to no exercise, but i plan to change that ASAP! i can still walk, right? i can still do use resistance bands, right?  i can still work on getting these flabby arms in shape with hand weights, right? i will not allow depression to set in and keep me from my goal. sometimes, it seems so close and other times it seems so far away, but at all times, i'm on my way there.

all of me,

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