Monday, February 20, 2012

find your beautiful

in my last post (ok, i know its been a while) i talked about facing my food issues. i am currently reading a book titled, made to crave by lisa terkeurst. its a great book; revealing that its actually NOT food that we crave. if you are interested in knowing more, BUY THE BOOK!

in the 2 years that i've been transforming my body, i also have been transforming my mind. for years, i always thought of myself as a fat girl....PERIOD! never seeing myself as beautiful;never accepting the gifts and talents that God placed inside of me. But now, i see and know that I AM BEAUTIFUL!! its beyond a physical thing, but that is part of it. i do take more time on my physical,clothes, makeup. my husband says i enjoy taking pictures now. but, i think i take even more time on cultivating my gifts, talents and relationships. these are the things that make me feel beautiful.

be your best you. FIND YOUR BEAUTIFUL.

all of me,

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