Thursday, June 17, 2010

6/17/10- my first time

get your mind out of the gutter! i guess you are wondering what the title of this entry means? well, i have decided to participate in the c'ville womens 4 miler. this will be my very first race! i am excited, scared and nervous all at the sametime. i have NEVER wanted to do anything like this before, but i think it will be a great way to celebrate reaching my goal. you all know what the goal is, right? 50 lbs. in one year....only 10lbs. to go! the registration for the race opens next week and from what i understand, it fills up quick. i would like to complete the race in an hour, not sure if thats a realistic goal. i've been reading an online guide on walking. it gives tips on posture, stretching, etc. everyone knows how to walk, but are you walking the right way? i'm learning that i'm not. completing this race means a new beginning for me...physically as well as emotionally. i'm walking into areas i've never been before. not sure where i'm going, but with God leading the way, i KNOW i will be just fine.

all of me,

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