Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i am on my way to losing the last 15lbs needed to reach my goal of 50 lbs in one year. i have 2 months to do this. i am calling this my "60 day blitz". i'm sure a blitz is not suppose to last for 2 months, but i'm calling the shots here. if you remember from past entries, i am not weighing myself until aug. 1. i know what you are thinking...how will she know if she is losing weight? thats a great question; glad you asked. at this point, i am in tune with my body. i'm not always on point, but i would say that i have a pretty good idea. of course, there are certain times that i dont know what my body is doing!( i think all the ladies can say AMEN to that) listen, if i dont lose 50 lbs. exactly, i'm not gonna be mad. i really am learning that its not about the number, but always moving forward and doing my best to reach my goals. i'm not gonna lie, it would be nice to see that scale with 50 less lbs. on it.

i will make the plea again....WHO"S WITH ME??!!!

all of me,

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