Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/22/10- Random Thoughts

everyone has random thoughts. you know, thoughts that kinda come out of nowhere and really dont make much sense?! lately, i've been writing down some of my random thoughts and thinking about them later. i dont think thats the point of random thoughts, but i dont quite do things as expected. not sure why i am sharing this. not all my thoughts are weight loss related.

-people who dont know that i have lost weight just see me as another fat girl.
-why cant i stop eating cookies...maybe i should stop buying them....maybe.
-i can see my feet now when i lay on back.
-my reflection in the door knob looks weird.
-losing weight wont make my feet pretty.
-my biological mom would be 61 this year...wonder what our relationship would be like.
- why do people have the nerve to ask if my diamond earrings are real?
-how will i look in one year?
- i like compliments, but am still uncomfortable hearing them.
- cleaning my bathroom makes me happy.
i like me....finally!

i know this entry doesnt make much sense, but its my blog and i can post what i want!

all of me,


  1. Yep...stop buying the cookies. Go out for just one on weekends! I hope you are feeling pretty NOW and only feel prettier as get closer to your goal!

  2. Did I know you were adopted? Or are you adopted?