Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and the winner is.....

I weighed in and had my measurements done tonight. I am so pleased with my progress since my last check up. I have lost 10 inches(total body) & 14 lbs since April!!

As promised, I am ready to reveal my weight. Someone asked me why am I doing this? Well, this blog is my accountability tool and when I say I'm gonna do something, I do it! I have allowed my weight to keep me from doing and saying many things in my life......NOT ANYMORE!!! I am more than a conquerer,so I need to start living that way, time to be FREE!!!

I began this journey on 8/1/09 at a starting weight of 330lbs. Today, one year and one month later i weigh 288lbs. That's right, I have lost 42 lbs!

Who's the winner? I AM!!!!!

all of me,


  1. Wonderful! That is just wonderful. Keep it going. You know I'm cheering you the entire way!

  2. You go Char! You are beautiful..inside and out!

  3. I am so happy for you! Now the roles are reversed and I need to have you as my inspiration. Has it really been a year, wow!!