Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/31/12- not where i use to be

while i was checking myself out in the mirror this morning, i started finding all the things wrong with me....fat arms, back fat, thick thighs, etc. i stopped myself and said out loud "you use to weigh 330 lbs.....USE TO!" i walked closer to the mirror, smiled and again said out loud "be proud of what you've done, GOOBER!" ok, these are the kind of talks i have with myself on a daily basis. yes, i ask myself questions and answer them..lol.

the point of this entry is to remind myself (and you, too) that we are on our way to where we wanna be. it doesnt matter if you just started today or if you've been on the journey for 3 years, progress is being made. i wanted to be so much further along by now, but i'm not! today i will be grateful for the 60lbs i have lost so far and keep it moving! sometimes you gotta encourage yourself because we dont always have someone around to support or remind us. aint nothing wrong with talking to yourself!

all of me,


  1. I gasped love about 3 times reading this!!! You are SO beautiful, my friend!! so beautiful!!!