Thursday, April 1, 2010

4/1/10 i'm no fool, just a chicken!

i hope everyone is enjoying the warm temps. since the weather has been so nice, i've been walking from Darden; where i work, to U hall; where i park....thanks UVA. it takes me about 15 minutes, an average sized person probably about 10 minutes. its an easy walk with beautiful scenery. this walk requires me to do something i havent done alone for many, many years. what is that you ask? dont laugh.......CROSS THE STREET! i have to cross the street twice and i am nervous doing that. why? because i think people are watching me and saying what i say when i see a fat person crossing the street.."hurry up and get your fat butt across the street!" i know thats a terrible thing to think. ohhhh, so now y'all gonna try and tell me that i'm the only one who thinks that? this blog is about honesty, people....FESS UP! when i cross the street, i try to be as swift as possible without too much jiggle action. if i can cross at someplace other than the crosswalk, i do that. i know it sounds silly, but this is tough for me. will i feel differently once i lose weight? i guess i will have to wait and see. i didnt know this journey would be so emotional!

well, i'm leaving work in 30 minutes and i plan to walk. i will attempt to cross at the crosswalk....swiftly with little jiggle action :)

all of me,

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  1. lol I feel the same way! I worry about running to quickly get across because of them saying look at that fat girl move. Same about eating in public. They say that small lifestyle changes is all you need to lose weight. That is fantastic!