Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4/14/10 this too shall pass...

it's been really tough getting back on track after my last weigh in/measurements. i havent fallen off the wagon, but i feel kinda stuck. if i were keeping my food journal this week, it would not be pretty. i know that i focus way too much on that number on the scale, like it defines me or something. i know that it doesnt, but my brain and my emotions are not on the same page right now. so, because i am obessed with weighing myself, i have decided to not weigh again until its time to do my measurements again with july! i will begin to let my clothes be my guide. my friend, kim (who has lost quite a bit of weight) told me that she doesnt weigh herself. She knows that she has to buy smaller sizes whenever she goes shopping. I like that philosphy a lot more than torturing myself every week by getting on the scale, thanks kim! even lindsay told me that i weigh myself too often. i just need to focus on my eating and my workouts and the weight will continue to come off. this is not a competition....didnt get fat overnight, not gonna get fit overnight.

just in the few minutes of typing this blog, i am feeling better. i can feel the fog lifting..... I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST!!!

all of me,


  1. Hey Charlotte, This has always been a battle for me also, and I can't seem to lose anything. If I do, I gain it right back. I don't have any help, with the doctor I'm with now, so I think I may be changing doctors soon. I would like to follow what you're doing, and I really wish I had a partner in helping me to lose and eat the right way. I will be praying that God will please you with this journey. This is indeed a hard one, but as you stated, "I can do all things through Christ!!" Be blessed always.

  2. I admire you because no matter what you bounce right back. I think its absolutely a brilliant idea to chuck the scale until July. Imagine how exciting it will be! You can do it my friend.

  3. thanks for the support, guys. mary, you are welcome to join me on this journey, moving forward....virtually.