Friday, April 23, 2010

4/23/10- and a child shall lead the way

i am doing a lot better now and i'm more determined than ever to keep going. thanks for the feedback and the love.....MUAH!

joe, my oldest, decided last week that he wants to drop a few pounds before he goes to basketball camp in june. he announced that he was going "green" and asked me to join him. what does going green mean? basically, salad and water! i told him that a little variety would be nice, so he relaxed his initiative a bit and we have added fruit, chicken and healthy snacks. his first goal is 5 lbs by his b-day, may 8th.(my baby will be 16...don't get me started, i cry every time i think about it) he has been doing well, drinking lots of water and spending more time playing b-ball after school. i am so proud of him! even jordan, my youngest, has joined us in his own jordan kind of way. one thing i never wanted to do was force my family into joining me on this journey. i have made gradual changes in what i buy and cook for them. i still buy cookies and chips occasionally. this is not about deprivation, but moderation and viewing food for what it really is....FUEL! we are attending a banquet this weekend so we are taking the day off...enjoying the food without ruining the progress we've made. joe said we cant have seconds, uh, i don't know 'bout that sonny boy...LOL

be careful of the words you say, you will hear them again...from your own children!

all of me,


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  1. That is fantastic Char! I'm excited for you and your family.