Sunday, April 4, 2010

4/3/10 i crossed the street and made a u turn

well, i did cross the street on thursday at the crosswalk...both times! i was so proud of me! i crossed the street with my head up, not looking down like i usually do. i cant promise i will do it again.

on friday, i went to the gym to have my measurements done, wanted to know my progress since the last time, which was jan.14. to my surprise, the numbers were not good. basically, i got fatter from the waist up and thinner from the waist down......WTHeck!!!!!! oh, did i mention that i have gained 6 lbs since my last weigh in, which was in early march......WTHeck!!!!!!! i was so angry!!!! i just couldnt believe my "progress." lindsay (gym owner and killer trainer) suggested that the gain in the upper body is probably muscle and the lose in the lower body is from all the hip action in zumba class. that makes sense, but the 6lbs doesnt make sense...AT ALL! lindsay asked if there had been any changes in my eating; none i could think of. honestly, i havent been writing in my food journal everyday like i should be. i dont feel like my eating habits have changed, but without my journal, i really don't know. gaining those 6lbs made me feel like i havent lost any weight at all. i felt like a failure and wanted to quit. lindsay also suggested that i make changes to my work out routine, more treadmill less ellipitcal, more squats and lunges. after i left the gym, i cried; had a pity party. it didnt last long.......

i know i can't quit, i've come too far to turn back. this is not a set back, but a set up for me to continue on this journey and reach my goal. i'm glad to have you here with me for the ride :)

all of me,

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  1. Good for you! That would have been a good opportunity for you to talk yourself into making bad choices and you didn't! I'm proud of you Char!