Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2/17/10 what's up?

i guess my first post should include some kind of introduction. ok, hello, my name is char and i'm fat! is that enough of an intro? anyway, i was inspired to blog my weight loss journey by my bud, theresa...thanks! a little history.... i have been over weight all of my life. i have no memories of being "average sized" always, the big girl. which was tough in the early years of life, but as i got older it didnt sting as much. of course, i have attempted to lose weight and have had some success, only to gain back what i lost plus a few pounds that i guess someone else had lost, too! so, whats different about this time? i will be 40 in 2 years and i am determined to NOT be fat and 40! i'm doing this for ME!!!! yes, others will benefit from it, but for once this is totally for ME! i have overcome a lot of adversities in my life, but this has haunted me forever. i feel like losing the weight is the final hurdle. not that all of my problems will end when i lose weight, but many of them will. this is not about being skinny-my goal is 180lbs. i thank God that i have no other health issues other than being obese...which is enough, right? when i stop moving i want the rest of my body to stop with me....anyone know what i mean? i am not ready to share how much i actually weigh, but i will share that i have lost about 27lbs. since aug 09. please note- i have to be proper and use correct grammar all day at work, so excuse my lower case letters and grammatical errors. this is my outlet, i will type how i want!

thats it for now. stay tuned and keep me accountable.

all of me,

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  1. It makes me feel fantastic knowing that I have helped you in some way, even if its just to be your inspiration to blog. It has helped me tremendously. I'm here for you through this journey and if I can do anything to help you whether it be by talking or holding your hand, let me know.