Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/20/10 FINALLY!

this is gonna be a short but VERY sweet post; at least its sweet to me. after weeks of struggling to lose 3 lbs., i am thrilled to report i have lost a total of 30 lbs. since august 1, 2009!!! those final 3 lbs. have been hanging on like a bad cold, mostly because i ate 212 cookies during the various snowstorms over the last few weeks. i would gain a pound, lose a pound, gain a pound, lose a pound. i can now wear my shirt, what shirt u ask? i bought a shirt from lane bryant (2 months ago) that i could fit, but it didnt really fit like i wanted it to..know what i mean? i decided to make that shirt my first big reward-losing 30 lbs. oh, i paid FULL PRICE for it; something i NEVER do! i will debut my shirt tomorrow at church; probably wear it to work on monday, if i dont stank it up doing my happy dance! LOL

i'm super excited,taking this journey one pound at a time. my next big reward? hmmmmm

all of me,


  1. Congrats!! and I DO know what you mean about the fit of your shirt! Keep up the good work! :)

  2. I want to see this shirt Char! I am so proud of you!!!! I know how it is to pay full price at Lane Bryant (FYI Fashion Bug is their sister store, and they are much more inexpensive). Its painful! Anyway, You are beautiful and I am so glad that we can share our journeys and take them together.