Friday, February 19, 2010

2/19/10 shredded wheat vs. waffles

last night i went to the gym and enjoyed (i really did) 30 mins on the elliptical machine. its been an emotionally exhausting week and working out my frustration felt great! i wanted to go for an hour, but i had other mom duties that needed to be done. hey, the point is to do something, right?

well, im heading out to leave for work this morning, go get my parking pass out of the honda to put it in the other car and realize that someone has been in my car! the face to my cd player was off and the molding around it was gone. the ashtray had been pulled out and the trash inside of it was on the floor. in that ashtray is a spare key to the jeep, which was used to try to get the cd player out. i guess the dummy or dummies didnt realize that because the jeep is parked right beside the honda. of course, i was upset and i burst into tears! my neighbor is a police officer and he helped me file a report. i'm sure i didnt lock the door- i feel like an idiot. i'm grateful that it wasnt worse, cause it could have been. after i got myself calmed down(with lots of hugs from the hubby) what do i think about? FOOD!!!! i started thinking about going to the waffle house and getting my eat on! WTHeck??? is that emotional eating or what? did i go to the waffle house? NO! i counted to 1000 or so and poured myself a bowl of shredded wheat. i refuse to let this incident ruin my week. i will not allow the devil to win that easy! the days of running to the fridge are over! i wish i could go to the gym right now; might cut the work day short and do just that!

the bible says in all things give thanks. thats not always easy to do, but i am thankful that there was no damage to the car and even more thankful that my family is safe. THANK U LORD!!!!!


all of me,

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  1. First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal, and YES thank God everyone is okay. Secondly, what enormous will power to get past that situation without going to The Waffle House. You go girl!! I'm proud of you!