Saturday, February 27, 2010

2/27/10 its my time

while i was at the gym today, i was thinking about what's so different about me losing weight this time? why am i having success now? i think maturity has a lot to do with it, maybe i really wasnt ready before. i have always wanted to lose weight but not mature enough to make the committment....does that make sense? i have tried 812 times to lose weight with little or no success. i figured out the secret to loosing weight...u wanna know? ok, come closer.....EAT LESS MOVE MORE!!! well, duh? who woulda thunk it?

i remember my first diet.... i was in the 5th grade. i was hand picked to be a member of a group of "special", aka fat kids. we would meet every week to weigh in and talk about our at our final weigh in, the person who lost the most weight would win a "special" prize. the night before, i slept with a belt on thinking it would shrink my stomach overnight....i wanted that "special" prize really bad!! guess who won? ME! guess what the "special" prize was? a bag of trail mix, yeah, a bag of trail mix. to me, that bag of trail mix was the ultimate prize. it was like winning gold at the olympics. i held on to that bag of trail mix until the raisins were as hard as rocks..i think my mom made me throw it out.

i'm ready this time. i'm ready to stay committed to what it takes to lose the weight. i'm ready to be a better me. i'm ready to put my shoes on w/o unbuttoning my pants first. i'm ready to walk up the "rocky" steps at work w/o feeling like i'm going to pass out. i'm ready to move through a crowd w/o bumping people in the back of the head with my boobs. i'm ready!!!

all of me,

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  1. And i'm ready to cheer you on 100% Go get em girl!!