Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2/24/10 memories

thanks for the compliments on the new shirt, i felt great wearing it! today i feel anxious; nervous. tomorrow i am having an outpatient procedure done. i guess anytime you undergo a "procedure" you feel a little nervous. really, its a small thing that will prayerfully make a HUGE difference in another area of my health. i have not been to the gym at all this week and after tomorrow, it will probably be monday before i go back.

i found a pic of myself from the 8th grade...WOW! i was 13; about 185 lbs.(which is my goal weight) of course, i was overweight then. i look pretty good in that pic;80's hair and all..LOL i dont remember what it feels like to weigh 185 lbs., i dont remember what it feels to weigh 200 lbs. ok, i better stop there before i reveal too much. i'm very excited about being the same weight i was 25 years ago...WOW!

all of me,


  1. You know that saying it out loud isn't so bad. I used to be ashamed of how much I weigh, but saying that I now weight 220 and then I lose weight and then people are reminded that I used to be 220 (my current weight). Its all a part of the process. Just remember you are beautiful. ♥♥

  2. i know saying it out loud is not a bad thing. i will one day, just not today :)